UN sovereignty in Affairs of Mankind
Global catastrophic risk mitigated
The threat from new and emerging technology
Risk multiplier managed
Conflict or political violence
Institutions that lack inclusivity or accountability
Poverty and inequality
Implementation timeframe
Middle term
A more effective UN needs its own sovereignty. This can be created if member states surrender certain parts of their national sovereignty. The sovereignty of the UN should be limited to affairs of mankind. For this, the affairs of mankind would have to be clearly defined and incorporated into international law in decisions of the General Assembly. I have published an introductory website on this subject: https://affairsofmankind.jimdofree.com/
Implementation strategy

The idea of UN sovereignty must first be proposed to the UN General Assembly. Then a decision is needed to develop this sovereignty. This requires the definition of certain human affairs that should fall under this sovereignty. Next there must be a collection of UN member states that are willing to cede parts of their sovereignty to the UN for human affairs.
Of course, many states will initially reject and try to block a decision in the General Assembly. What matters here is that logical concepts are developed as to how UN sovereignty is to be exercised. It must be explained how UN sovereignty relieves states and what advantages it offers them. First of all, we must concentrate on those states that are willing or do not show any great resistance.

Political will exists to realise this proposal


What if political will does not exist yet


Realisation by implementing or making adjustments to current roadmaps

It goes without saying that the already formulated UN goals of Agenda 2030 are suitable for turning them into human affairs. But not necessarily all of them. These are primarily those which declare the greatest dangers to humanity and which should most urgently be turned into human affairs.

Decision makers and implementers

Entscheidungsträger sind natürlich die Staaten, welche Teile ihrer Souveränität abgeben sollen, um Verbund mit der UNO. Ich habe bisher noch mit keinem der Staatem darüber gesprochen, aber die neu gegründete Allianz für Multilateralismus könnte eine Sprungbrett dafür sein.

Why is this a long term proposal


Mitigating the threat from new and emerging technology

If new technologies pose threats, they should be placed under the sovereignty of the UN as a matter for humanity. This, moreover, applies to the whole field of space travel. It must become a matter for humanity and must not be left to national or commercial interests. It is essential to prevent the emerging militarisation of space travel. We need a bigger earth for this.

Alleviating poverty and inequality

Of course, an optimal coordination of all measures against the great problems of humanity under the direction of a sovereign UN will alleviate poverty and inequality. Much of this exists only because there is no proper international cooperation. But my vision of the future in this respect continues:

Enhancing inclusivity and accountability in national and global governance

That is the question of the treaties on the subject, which would have to be drawn up by experts. It would be best if there were a UN legislature, something like a world parliament, which could set world laws, world laws which are more binding than all international treaties.

Reducing conflict and political violence

If the situation of people improves as a result of a significant improvement in coping with global problems, conflicts and political violence will more or less automatically decrease. The best way would be to create binding and enforceable international law under UN sovereignty.

Additional information

Multilateralismus ist gut, aber nicht genug. Die sich abzeichnenden großen globalen Problem werden die Menschheit dazu zwingen, sich politisch zu vereinen. Das ist eine Frage des Überlebens. Damit es nicht zu einer gewaltsamen Vereinigung kommt, zum Beispiel durch Eroberung und Unterwerfung von Seiten der großen Nuklearmächte, müssen wir jetzt demokratisch handeln.


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