Shared problems

From climate change to nuclear weapons, cybercrime to terrorism, the risks we face cross national borders. Our solutions must be global.

How do we build a global system that works for us all? And how can we ensure that everyone is part of that conversation?

Shared solutions

Together First will launch a multi-stakeholder agenda for dealing with the risks that humanity faces. Our interactive web portal will:

  • Identify workable ways to address global risks and enable the whole world to join the conversation
  • Prioritise the leading ideas to produce a ‘to-do’ list for the international community
  • Mobilise individuals, NGOs, states and businesses to make these solutions a reality

Countdown to 2020 – our opportunity to act

The UN’s 75th anniversary in 2020 must be the starting point of a global governance transformation. Together First is campaigning for a multi-stakeholder summit to mark this occasion – to discuss, adopt and initiate the reforms we urgently need, and to unite around a shared vision for the future.

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