Broad support grows for a UN Civil Society Champion

By Together First on 9th June, 2021
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Together First is delighted that support for a civil society champion to enable greater participation, inclusion, and progress at the UN is growing rapidly.

Last year Together First launched a dedicated report presenting the case for a Civil Society champion. We urged the UN Secretary-General to designate a senior official as a champion for civil society, and provide them with the resourcing and support needed to increase the Organisation’s limited capacity to engage with civil society. Most importantly, an envoy could provide greater opportunities and assistance for civil society organisations to engage with the UN, particularly those from the Global South. 

Momentum behind this campaign is building across different constituencies, with support from:

Learn more and support the campaign:
  • Read Together First’s report on the case for a civil society champion
  • Read the Unmute Civil Society coalition’s call for inclusive and meaningful civil society participation at the UN
  • Endorse the UNmute recommendations 

For further updates on this agenda, watch this space!